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Ad Astra Per Aspera : "To the stars by our own hands!"

Welcome to the Amateur and Experimental Rocketry Network. Here you will find software tools, active discussion forums, suppliers lists, technical references and links to others working in this exciting field. If you want to get to space, and don't mind doing much of the work yourself, this is a good place to start.

Here at aRocket, Ad Astra is not just a dusty old Latin phrase. It's becoming reality. It's the way we do business. We believe in one thing...

For inexpensive access to space ---


This website supports the 500+ members of the growing aRocket experimental rocketry community. Here you will find technical design references and software. Anyone interested in opening the Space Frontier is welcome to the resources. You are highly encouraged to join the FREE e-mail discussion forum, a global network of experimental rocketeers.

The mirror at Mid-South.net has been updated. Thanks Jim!

You can help support aRocket and this website by purchasing books, more books, books recommended by the aRocket list membership, and other items from our links to Amazon

ARocket List members do more than just talk about building and flying rockets. They are out there building, flying and making progress towards getting to space.

The Space Frontier Foundation has a discussion forum. "Frontier Files Online is meant to be an interactive site for space enthusiasts designed to facilitate them in any way that helps to open the space frontier as soon as possible. Whether you are working hard to open the frontier or cheering on from your armchair, this site is meant to bring you into the greater community so we may bring about the future we want for humanity."


The aRocket group is planning to build and fly a co-operative rocket. Group members will design, build and fly a rocket planned on the "open source" model. Work has begun on the igniter, more information is on the project page.

So, what's it all about?

Technology is trickling down.

New hardware and software let you do more with less.

Better communications advance the state of the art.

New money is becoming available with a growing public appreciation.