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What Arocket List Members Are Doing

The aRocket Liquid oxygen hybrid motor.

Civilian Experimental Rocketry Test Area CERTA is a new, non-profit organization dedicated to improving math, science and technology education through hands on experimentation with various phases of experimental rocketry. CERTA is negotiating for a lease on a phenomenal new launch site for experimental and amateur rocketeers. CERTA is applying for an initial, permanent 100,000 foot altitude waiver, with windows planned to 350,000 ft.

JP Aerospace LLC is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to achieving cheap access to space through VERY low cost, innovative solutions.

Portland State Aerospace Society

Recrystallized Rocketry Specializing in Rcandy - propellant made from KNO3 and sugar by dissolving in water and drying in an oven. Does not require grinding or melting, and the resulting propellant has good mechanical strength and excellent molding properties. Site includes how-tos on making PVC motors, 38mm grains for reloadable casings, making motor tubes from scrap aluminum and tubing, a primitive static test stand, and my own water rocket design - cheap, easy and fun!

Mr. Fiberglass

Sacramento L5 Society a chapter of the National Space Society. Some of us are going even if we have to walk.

The Black Brant Project

Wedge Oldham's Nike Project

Armadillo Aerospace is a small research and development team working on computer-controlled hydrogen peroxide rocket vehicles, with an eye towards X-Prize class vehicle development

South African Amateur Rocketry

Flometrics Low Cost High Reliability Rocket Fuel Pump

Chris Winter

The goal of the Rocket Workbench Project is to develop open source, high quality, hardware and software tools and subsystems for the design and implementation of experimental rockets. The first Rocketworkbench projects were for opensource software. Rocketworkbench is now expanding into hardware projects asw well. For the software, using the most up to date rocket theory allows the programs to produce the most accurate results. Flexibility and portability between different platforms is a secondary objective.

Mostly Missiles a source for experimental motors and assorted sundries.

The da Vinci Project is Canada’s first entry in the X PRIZE Competition and is in a quest for the first manned, non-government private/commercial space flight.

Richard Nakka's Experimental Rocketry Web Site

Robert Compton’s static test of his hydrogen peroxide rocket motor.

Aerocon Systems: Rocket Apparatus for Inventors and Experimenters

International Experimental Aerospace Society

Hans Olaf Toft’s link collection

Rocket Research

NZ Rockets

Rocketman Enterprises

Juan Parczewski’s Amateur Experimental Rocketry Web Site

Jeff Jakob's Rocket Site.

Pat Bunn’s Experimental Rocketry Website

Alberto Gassol’s PVC hybrid

Sydsjśllands Eksperimental Raket Gruppe

Swiss Propulsion Laboratory

Australian Experimental

Environmental Aerosoace

Cesaroni Technology Incorporated

Scott's Experimental Rocketry


Rocketry Information Center

Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company; CP Technologies Divisions of Totally Benign Enterprises, Inc.


Inverse Engineering

Trailer trash aerospace is a group of high-power and experimental rocket enthusiasts in the desert southwest building magnificent things with the thinnest of resources.